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Welcome to Huntingdale Masjid!

In the Holy Quran Allah Says: "he who obeys the messenger, has indeed obeyed Allah." In another place Allah commands Muslims as "O' people if you love Allah then follow My messenger, Allah will love you and forgive your sins and Allah is forgiving and merciful". These and other similar verses of Quran proves that our success as a Muslim here and after is only in following the path of our beloved prophet Muhammad .In this era of inflictions, to revive the diminishing Sunnah of the prophet again in the hearts of Muslims, the Huntingdale Masjid (ABIC) came into existence.

The Australian Bangladesh Islamic Council (ABIC) was founded in 1998 and is considered Australia's most important Islamic organisation in Melbourne. ABIC is currently facililating prayers, regular madhrasha education for our children, mortuary and funeral arrangements for Muslim brothers and sisters. The Board of Mutawallis (BOM) is responsible for the governance of ABIC.

Recent Updates

Importance of Moonsighting

The Majlis ul Ulamaa of Australia (2012) are pleased to announce that the following sixty six (66) Islamic Scholars and Imams from all parts of Australia have whole heartedly expressed their preference for local moon sighting in the commencement of the month Ramadan, Eid-ul-Fitr, and Eid-ul-Adha. read more ...

Moon sighting is a regional issue not a global issue. It is an absolute and undisputed reality that salahs are offered with the movement of sun and fasting and Hajj are offered with the lunar dates. No one in Australia, Bangladesh, America and other parts of the world will offer zuhar according to the sun of Makkah. Similarly moon of Saudia or any other country cannot be taken as a base for starting month of Ramadan or celebrating Eid-ul-fitr or Eid-ul-adha. Every country has its own moon and this reality has been supported by many important Hadiths.

Today Prayer Time


  • FAJR:        5:28
  • SUNRISE:   6:56
  • ZUHR:        12:23
  • ASR (HAN): 3:59
  • MAGHRIB:   5:45
  • ISHA:          7:08